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I’ve known Kapil for several years now and it’s always reassuring to know that he is at the helm of a project. He is a thorough professional, has strong technical know-how and is very committed to whatever he takes on. I wish him continued success.

Anupama Mandloi , Managing Director, Fremantle Media, India

In the course of the various jobs that I have done on films and on TV, I had the great opportunity to work with Mr. Kapil Batra on one of the most complicated shows with multi-camera setup, live ex tempore conversations and interactions with the inmates of the Indian version of Big Brother called BIG BOSS. I am yet to work with a director so calm, composed and completely in control. Great technician and an even better human being.

Arshad Warsi , Actor

Kapil has a uncanny way of directing you without you knowing it. You get the feeling that you are doing it on your own. It is only until later you realise that you have been silently guided and handheld by someone with a sure footed wealth of wisdom and experience.
He has one of the most trusting faces I’ve known but strangely you don’t see it much during the shoot since he is mostly in the control room speaking over a microphone. His most powerful weapon though, is the all powerful pregnant pause that gives birth to that all powerful retake that he wants you to do. So if you resist, you ‘hear’ that silent pause of his that says so much.  That’s his way! That’s how he becomes the best!
You do imagine he is smiling through it all!
So, what do we have here?
A gentleman professional at work.
A barrel of wisdom and humour after work.
And a friend you’d like to be in touch with even when there is no work!
That’s priceless!
That’s Kapil!

Boman Irani , Actor

Kapil’s worn a number of hats with aplomb – as newscaster, director, producer, documentarist… Its as an online-director that Kapil’s been a fellow traveller with Team Synergy, on a varied bunch of shows which have been very much in the public eye. Some select and high brow, like Mastermind and University Challenge for a niche prestige channel like BBC World, pulling off rigorous production standards with tight budgets and challenging turnarounds, others right out there on a large scale on commercial television for a mass audience, but still classy, using the latest techniques and technologies with international formats. Kapil’s been there with me and our team, as captain in the cockpit of the control room, calling shots on complex multi-camera recordings of big ticket shows with screen superstars as anchors – like Salman Khan in Dus ka Dum, Sharukh Khan in Paanchvi Paas Equally he’s been with us dealing with a Boman Irani in Bollywood ka Boss, Soha Ali Khan in Khelo Jeeto Jiyo. and Rajeev Khandelwal in the intense Sach ka Saamna. Bringing seasoned skills, maturity, rock-solid reliability and an adaptable temperament to the job at hand, Kapil’s been an important part of the success of these shows. He’s in his prime now, with lots to give, and I wish him much luck and all the best for whatever media projects he puts his mind to in the future.”

Siddhartha Basu , Television Producer

Quiet , cool, strong on craft and a wonderful team player , Kapil Batra is almost everyone’s first choice for online Director . When Miditech first started working with him close to 2 decades ago , his being from Delhi was seen as a handicap in Mumbai . One schedule later everything had changed . He was eagerly sought after and soon it was difficult to get his dates .  A thorough gentleman , he always tries to see things from the Producer’ s point of view and you can expect him to cut cut knots , smooth ruffled feathers and handle celebrities with casual aplomb !  Kapil I am a fan .

Niret Alva , Co-Founder, Miditech Pvt. Ltd

“Kapil has directed me in several big reality shows like Indian idol. Very rarely do TV directors let the host take the space & time to see if a spontaneous, honest & magical moment is being created on its own. I can proudly say Kapil & I have had plenty of those. He understands when it’s working & lets it play out & also knowswhen to sever the crap. Always the voice of reason in my ear. Subtle, funny, dedicated, highly professional & completely unjudgemental – that’s Kapil Batra. Honestly I’d discount my fee a bit if I know he is helming the show:))

He produced Dilli Dil Se & chose me to interview 24 of the biggest opinion makers, politicians & industrialists of the country. Speaks volumes about the professional confidence we have in each other.

Mini Mathur , T.V. Anchor